laserurology dr. Wen i. Lin m. D. generic drug for viagra Home about dr. Lin faqs before/after contact faqs answered by dr. Wen i. Lin q: what is the greenlight laser xps™ performance system? generic viagra canada price A: the greenlight xps™ provides up to 180 watts of lasing energy with the same safety profile as the pv and hps systems. It is an excellent surgical tool for bph of more than centredg. buy viagra online The system vaporizes the tissue very rapidly and precisely to shorten the length of surgery. viagra price in pakistan Q: i take an anticoagulant (blood thinner). What should i do prior to my greenlight pvp procedure? 
 a: aspirin should be discontinued 10 days prior. side effects of viagra and high blood pressure Coumadin and plavix are discontinued at least 3 days prior to the procedure. cheap viagra online These are resumed as soon as possible depending on individual circumstances. If you cannot discontinue anticoagulant therapy due to significant medical conditions, low dose heparin or lovenox can be used preoperatively. can you buy viagra high street You can be preadmitted for preoperative iv heparin therapy which is discontinued 6 hours prior to the procedure. Where can you buy real viagra Heparin is then restarted 6-8 hours post-procedure and transitioned to coumadin/plavix within 1 to 2 days. Q: can greenlight pvp cause impotence? 
a: the "tissue-friendly" ktp laser used in greenlight pvp causes minimal tissue reaction surrounding the cavity - making impotence very unlikely. reviews of viagra super active Q: how large of a prostate gland can greenlight pvp handle? 
a: in my experience, prostate glands less than two hundredg can be handled in a single stage. Multi-staged procedures may be required for larger prostate glands. Prostate glands larger than centuryg should be handled by a surgeon well-experienced in greenlight pvp. Q: what is the largest prostate you have successfully treated with greenlight pvp? 
 a: 240g q: it's been 6 weeks following my greenlight pvp procedure and i am still having difficulty urinating. In fact, it's worse than before. Compare price viagra viagra What is going on? A: you likely have developed scar tissue in the urethra or bladder neck. The incidence is about 5% with greenlight pvp. The is easily corrected with either a simple dilation procedure in the office or vaporization of the scar using greenlight pvp as an outpatient. Q: how long many have you performed with greenlight pvp? can you buy viagra high street 
a: i have performed greenlight treatment since 2001. I have been treating with laser ktp and yag since 1995.    q: what can i expect after my greenlight pvp procedure? A: you will have your catheter removed within 24 hours (90%). Viagra online pharmacy Following this, you can almost immediately expect to have a much improved urinary stream. There may be some frequency, urgency, pain, and/or burning but the symptoms are temporary. o que viagra yahoo They can last up to 2-3 weeks. can you buy viagra high street Q: what sort of limitations/precautions need i take after greenlight pvp? viagra daily in canada 
 a: no heavy lifting/strenous activity, sexual activity, or alcohol for 3 weeks. cheap viagra india Q: can greenlight pvp cause retrograde ejaculation? viagra max daily dose 
 a: yes. buy cheap viagra The rate of retrograde ejaculation is about 30% within the first 3 months pos. sale viagra online canada viagra expiration how long comments from viagra users